10 Week Pageant Email Membership 2020


Receive 10 weeks of emails from Heather Sumlin regarding pageant preparation.  Articles on pageant preparation for the mental game and/or interview will be posted in each issue as well as answers to member questions.  Heather will also post 10 interview questions for members to use in their individual interview preparation.

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10 Week Membership for Pageant Contestants

  • Weekly emails with the following information included in each issue:
  • Helpful Articles/Tips on Mental Management and/or Interview Preparation
  • Answers to member’s questions each week – members will submit questions when they have a question and Heather will answer them as they fit with the timeline of the training offered in the emails
  • 10 Interview Questions – will be a variety of current event, personal, fluff, controversial and hot topic questions – to help you in your individual training for your upcoming pageant
  • Heather’s open time slots for individual training will also be posted – members will have first choice of open times with Heather
  • Discounts on products and special offers from time to time on products and/or training.
  • Applicable group training from Heather will be promoted to members – including but not limited to Mock Interview Workshops & On Stage Question Workshops

March 16th – May 25th is when the email training will take place.

Submission of questions can happen as soon as membership is placed – this will help me design the training to fit the needs of those participating in the membership.

If the email address on your order is different than the email you want to use for the membership please put the correct email in the comments section of the online order form and the name of the individual who will be receiving the emails.