Winning Golf

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This is our most advanced and in-depth product for competitive golfers. Learn how to deal with pressure, make training more efficient, use the Tournament Mental Management System, build a mental program, improve performance by increasing Self-Image, how to accurately record your training and much, much more.

Winning Golf is an audio program available as a 4 CD set or as a download.  

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What is it?

Top PGA Tour Players are using the Mental Management System to reach their goals in golf!  Through this audio program Lanny Bassham walks you step by step through the Tournament with the Mental Management System used by tour players. Start changing your mindset today to improve your scores and reach your goals!

Why do you need it?

This audio program takes the mental principles and techniques that we teach in our individual training courses and applies them directly to the player – YOU!

Who can benefit?

  • Competitive Golfers of any Level
  • Golf Instructors of any level


  • How to Improve your Mental Consistency on the Course
  • The Tournament Mental Management System Players Use in Competitions
  • How to Use Mental Management Before, During and After a Shot, Hole, Day, Tournament, etc.
  • Over-Trying and How to Avoid It
  • How to Evaluate Your Play Effectively
  • Quiet Eye Phenomenon
  • Mental Program for Golf
  • How to Be Decisive in Your Thinking
  • How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage
  • The Zone Phenomenon
  • How to Deal with Distractions Appropriately
  • How to Make your Mental Game a Constant in a Game of Variables
  • Much, Much More!

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