Winning Sporting Clays – It’s All in Your Mind

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This is our most advanced product for competitive sporting clays shooters.  Through this audio program, Lanny Bassham walks you step by step through how you can apply Mental Management to your Sporting Clays shooting today.  Learn how to control pressure, run a mental program for sporting clays, improve your consistency and build the Self-Image of a champion.

Winning Sporting Clays is available as a 6 CD set or as a download.  

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What is it?

Winning Sporting Clays includes a discussion of the tournament mental system that we teach to the shooters that attend our training seminars in our offices in Flower Mound, Texas.

Why do you need it?

Top Sporting Clays shooters are using the Mental Management System to reach their competitive goals everyday. Through this audio program Lanny Bassham walks you step by step on how you can apply Mental Management to your Sporting Clays shooting today.

Who can benefit from it?

Any competitive sporting clays shooter looking to take their game to the next level.  While the content is sporting clays specific, the concepts can be easily applied to any other shotgun games.


  • How Shooters Develop Consistent Mental Performances.
  • How to Significantly Reduce the Mental Errors,  Resulting in More Targets Hit and Greater Enjoyment
  • How to Control Pressure
  • How to Build Self-Image
  • How to Train the Mind at the Same Time You are Training the Gun-Body System.
  • How to Run a Mental Program for Sporting Clays
  • How to Improve Your Consistency in Competition

Package Option:  Order Winning Sporting Clays – It’s All in Your Mind 6 CD Set, Mental Management for Shooting Sports 6 CD Set and the book “With Winning in Mind” 3rd Edition softcover for $280 (Savings of $74.95).  Click HERE to order.

List of Tracks:

Volume 1:

  1. Intro
  2. Thinking Differently
  3. The Model
  4. The System
  5. Principles of Reinforcement
  6. Three Phases of a Task
  7. End of CD

Volume 2:

  1. Balance
  2. Over-Trying
  3. Mental Program
  4. Example
  5. Reinforcing the Shot
  6. Preload
  7. End of CD

Volume 3:

  1. Preset and Journal
  2. Performance Analysis
  3. Pressure
  4. The Zone
  5. Process vs Outcome
  6. End of CD

Volume 4:

  1. Rehearsal
  2. Attainment
  3. Mastery Curve
  4. End of CD

Volume 5:

  1. Training the Subconscious
  2. Repetition
  3. Self-Image
  4. Comfort Zone
  5. Winning
  6. Other Shooters
  7. How Self-Image Changes
  8. End of CD

Volume 6:

  1. Behavorial Styles
  2. Changing Self-Image
  3. Review
  4. End of CD

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