Back to School Special Package


Three best tools for Back to School!  With Winning in Mind, Parenting Champions and Performance Analysis Journal!  This package is only available for a limited time!  The journals come in 8 different colors – choose your color below to purchase this package.



Includes the following three Mental Management Products:

With Winning in Mind – Book – great for students to read in preparation for the school year. This book is typically considered to be beneficial in sport but we have found students who use the same principles and apply them toward academics have found success with test taking, focus, priorities and getting goals in a classroom setting. They can learn to goal set for the year and find something they want to improve about themselves to help them be more successful this year than last year. Recommended for middle school age on up.

Parenting Champions – Book – designed to help equip parents to help their children mentally by learning how to build Self-Image, support their dreams, and communicate with their children in a helpful manner. Children are competing on the field or court but they are also competing in the classroom, band hall, theater stage, and more. Becoming a parent who understands how and why to build the Self-Image of a child is beneficial to their success no matter what their goals might be. Now is a great time to equip yourself before the school year begins.

Performance Analysis Journal – students who keep a journal of their successes will be more successful because writing down what you did well while also writing down goals is a powerful way to grow Self-Image. Understanding that Self-Image and performance are almost always equal this tool could be a game changer for students. We market this product for athletes or competitors but we have found students who journal regarding academics have found benefits from purposeful journaling especially for subjects that have been challenging in the past. We have also noticed that several of our younger students enjoy writing in planners and journals more so than our older clients so what a great time to introduce teens to effective journaling!

Order all three of these tools together for a start to an amazing year!

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